My Family

My Family
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Saturday, January 9, 2016

January 2014 Trace is Here

Trace came! I was induced with Trace because he was so big, I was never progressing. I went to the hospital at 6:00 a.m. on the 27th. The started the process. I did not have him until the next morning around 12:30 am. I was loosing blood pressure because he was so big and I couldn't catch my breathe. I was on oxygen. After trace was out. They took the oxygen from me and gave it to Trace. He was the biggest boy. Weighed 9.15 lbs. I know he was 10, but he peed. He cried and nursed well. We had a good first night. He started to have troubles feeding and breathing at the same time. I called the nurse in, they weren't sure, the respiratory doctors weren't sure, the Pediatrician thought he was fine initially. The Charge nurse on the NICU came and decided to take him in to the NICU for further assessment. He never came back. You ended staying there for a week.
That morning before you went to the NICU you were visited by Kimmie, Cammie, Kathy, and Tasha. They all met you and we introduced with and finally named you.  You were almost a Maxen. We opted for TRACE RYDEN.  Mimi, Faye, Cammie, and Kimmie came to see you in the NICU. Pat and Tom visited me. Rylan and Caden were too young.

 It was the hardest thing. I hated leaving you there. I hated having to drive to see you. they doctors and nurses kept saying they were flying you to UCLA, and then the weather kept getting bad. You eventually did fly out to UCLA. Nervous day. Your brother and sister were so jealous that you got to go in a helicopter. I got to ride with you and dad drove.
The NICU there was good, you were squeezed in because they didn't actually have a spot for you.
We got an hotel room, and took turns seeing you and sleeping. You ended up getting diagnosed with Laryngomalacia, an airway defect. It closes your throat near your larynx. They thought it was mild, which it was then. through the next months it grew more severe. You were going to go back later.
we finally go to take you home and put your own clothes on you.

Mom stayed home with both kids while dad went to visit Tracer. we played a board game.

Trace Ryden
Jan.28, 2014
22 2/3 inches
9.15 pounds

His little feet were so sore from all the bloodwork.

Heading to the launchpad. Saddest day, happy moment. So many feelings.

Before he went to the NICU

Slept so much and Memorial NICU

Fattest baby in the whole  place. He weighed more than all his room mates together.

Thursday, December 31, 2015


Caden is just too cute.

Rylan never gets sick, bit when she does is miserable.
103.5 temp

Rylan turns 13. We went to Roadhouse. Low key because Baby bean was coming soon.

The Inlaws through me a baby shower to welcome Bean.


2013. It's actually 2015 now. (I've been busy)

This is the year that we became a family of five. We had the most scary moments, blessed, average and exceptional. Trace came home! I got a teenager and Caden passed kindergarten. 

Lets see if I can recall some moments I did not want to forget.
I gained 40 lbs being pregnant with the baby. Miserable. I never dilated, never effaced, and he eventually had to be evicted due to being so big. I was induced a little early. Caden hopes for a boy, Rylan doesn't care. I wanted a girl.  It was a boy. A big boy. He was due January 30, I had him Jan. 28.

Rylan-  She grew up so much.  She started a new school because Standard School was not a good fix. Her teacher was horrible. She joined 4H, made some new friends. Her teacher at Almondale Mrs. Lencioni had everything ready for her. Rylan had a hard week when I was gone taking care of Trace. She stayed with mimi, and they took good care of her, but she missed us.  Rylan started raising goats at my dads, Darlas house.

Caden- He is a strong boy. He hates school mostly just the reading, loves soccer at school. He sometimes likes to throw away his lunch I made him, in order to get a school lunch. The cafeteria teachers always tell me. He's gotten in a few fights.  He was wearing glasses, but is able to get released from them.  He broke his old pair and replaced them before we realized that he wouldn't need new ones.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

DONE With 2013

Caden is a sweet boy, or can be. He likes to play with my hair, touch me ever growing belly, and lays with Yaya when he had bad dreams.  Rylan loves her animals, loves to help outside, and gets annoyed with Caden.

I never want to forget Rylan telling me the God has Commandments, and some are "really good!" 
Caden told me I was pretty and could come to his party.
Mikey and I had a great year. We ended up getting along better than ever. Nice to relax and enjoy. :)

BBG 2012

The reason I placed this picture in my book is because Beryl Passed away this year.  Caden really questions how the Heaven thing works. He wants to know when he will see him, But Caden doesn't want to go to Heaven.  He will see Beryls truck and think Beryl decided to come back.  He misses him and tells us often. He didn't get to see Beryl in the hospital, Caden told me we should have. Rylan understands more, But says its hard to handle people dying from cancer.  The kids learned about loss this year.Lucy, Beryl, and Casy (our dog).  We miss Beryl too.  He was a great help. He would always pick up Rylan id she needed to.  He would let her skip her homework to go play on the motorcycle.  Caden would roll up in bed with Beryl and play tabs, he didn't notice how Beryl was changing towards the end.   Talk about unconditional LOVE. 

Baby Bean- We love You! Hurry Home Sweet Boy

I found out in May that I was expecting. I ran to Cheree's and had her look at the test, and she confirmed what I thought.  Then I called Mikey and he was short of words. We kept it a secret for awhile. That night I was having dinner with Cristal and I did tell her.  But hey shes like my sister.  I went and  got a blood test and they called and confirmed.  I had a job interview from a promotion which I didn't get, but that was ok... We announced to Kimmie on her birthday dinner that we were expecting. We stole her thunder. I felt so energized the first 6 weeks. THEN morning sickness kicked in high gear. I had to quit working summer school. I was so ill, and it was hard to drive.  Wasn't safe for me to be out of town while I was so dizzy and nousious all the time. The bosses at migrant are amazing and totally understanding to my situation. I love working for them. 


I was happy all along to have this baby. Dad was happy too.  I think Caden was the  most happy to have you and be a big brother.  He wanted to talk to you, buy you things, and touch, kiss hug my belly. Rylan loves the baby too, but remembers how challenging they can be.   I started gaining weight right away.being my third kid I popped out quickly, by August most everybody could tell. I wanted to keep it to myself a little longer. the morning sickness got better with daily and nightly medication.  I am also much older and as I'm writing this I have gained 38 lbs. With Rylan I gained 20, Caden 30, and this time 40... could be more.  I have a feeling you will be worth it. 

I have felt better with this pregnancy than all the others.  I have got to see you many times via ultra sound. I had a dream about you that you had your sisters color hair, thin lips, and olive skin. We will see. 

Names, Oh the names. This baby may never have a name. We've been able to agree on a few. We are hoping to meet you then name you something thats perfect. Dad loves Wyatt. I like Easton, but we both agree on Blaine, Maxon, Corbin And Trace.  Maybe you call tell us what you want.

Little belly- june

july pooching out already!


It's a boy!

sept- Look at your face


I get to use the Parking for preggos!
Late November

Monday, January 13, 2014

Last day of christmas

I made a quiche with all of the eggs we've raised, then the kitchen flooded from under the sink. Mikey worked on it most if the morning. We had a slight delay starting our morning as a result. Mikey cussed a little, really not too bad as I know he was frustrated. Nana came over after the coast was clear.  The Larry and Sherry came by in the morning as well.  In the afternoon Momo. papa. Kimmie and Kaleb came over. They always buy too much. way to much. They brought over sandwich stuff which was fine because the kitchen was torn up.  David and Shirley came over as well. I took a nap.
 From us caden got a tv and a vcr, swiss army knife, socks,
books, colone,
video games, movies, clothes, pj's, Cars- Cars, cars case, wrestling guys...Rylan got a karaoke machine, xbox games, boots, clothes, bras, pjs, perfume, swiss army knife, duct tape, jacket, thermals, books...
I'm still trying to find a way to get all the Christmas's together. I hate that the Christmases are so spread out. We didn't buy for adults this year, except for nana. In this we were able to buy for each other. We got Mikey shirts, coat, knifes, thermals,and a knife sharpener.
The kids made their families coasters made from tiles, paper, and modge podge.  The were cute, Apparently I didn't get a picture.  My kids so darn cute
nana made a cape with a 'c'
my new wedding ring. LOVE IT
I also got a necklace from nana and daddy, and perfume.

nana made hats and gloves for the kids


Caden made this for me