My Family

My Family
Ry-11 Caden -5 Bean-Belly

Friday, April 22, 2011


fake smile

This was before the black beetle "chased" her while she was crying hysterically!

love Caden in this picture so casual

We are telling caden to move...hes looking at the picture like ummm
its is a telling picture of me trying to organize and Caden showing me who is boss!

hes hiding from me
My favorite hobby is taking pictures and my favorite subject is my family.  So we all dressed in spring casual cute clothes and went to an old barn in Hart Park.  It would be a great do I thought!  Rylan is going through an awkward fake smile phase. Caden is three...well three( that explains it). My hubby hates pictures.  By the end I yelled, Mikey yelled, bugs came, kids cried, and we did get a few pictures.  Not the best day. Rylan is 9 and Caden is 3 in these pics.!

So I decided after eating a yummy fried burrito and a taco with a crushed ice soda that I needed an intervention.  I need to work out.  I still carry 10 pounds from my son (3 years ago).  I have the best partner ever...Rylan. She wants to go and got me outside.  We have been jogging 2 days in a row!  Id like to get back to my marathon weight and shape.  I have a size 5 pair of pants that I'd like to out on without popping a button!  Hope to meet the goal!
Time will tell...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gettin' bucked off!

This is Rylan's pictures that she took to journal her "day she hopes to never remember" when she got bucked off.  She took this picture with her own Ipod.  I did take pictures of her, however I guess the ones I took didn't capture the true sadness she felt! 

She also hurt her side ,but we don't have a picture of that!

She's a bit of a drama mama.  She cried and cried!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tom Ruebel Benefit

Caden sees this white car driven by the Cutest little Chloe. He says "mom i need money, buy it!" I give him a dollar to put in the fundraiser bucket. He says sternly "mom that not nuf, i need mo!" I drive it! Well we didnt take it home but he has been carrying the picture of her around to show daddy because he'll buy it."  Did I mention that I could totally be a race mom. Look how happy he is!

Chaffee Zoo

Rylan's third grade class won a free trip to the Fresno Zoo.  She was excited to ride on a charter bus. I think that most of the bus seats were broken.  I would sit up then about ten minutes later Id be totally reclined.  It was fun, I about used my last sick day to be with her. Mikey didn't think that he's be able to handle a bus of 22 nine year olds. I heard so much cussing from the parent. Luckily Rylan was able to be with her BFF. Her mom is very sweet and was happy to sit with her! Here are some super cute pics.