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My Family
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Saturday, January 9, 2016

January 2014 Trace is Here

Trace came! I was induced with Trace because he was so big, I was never progressing. I went to the hospital at 6:00 a.m. on the 27th. The started the process. I did not have him until the next morning around 12:30 am. I was loosing blood pressure because he was so big and I couldn't catch my breathe. I was on oxygen. After trace was out. They took the oxygen from me and gave it to Trace. He was the biggest boy. Weighed 9.15 lbs. I know he was 10, but he peed. He cried and nursed well. We had a good first night. He started to have troubles feeding and breathing at the same time. I called the nurse in, they weren't sure, the respiratory doctors weren't sure, the Pediatrician thought he was fine initially. The Charge nurse on the NICU came and decided to take him in to the NICU for further assessment. He never came back. You ended staying there for a week.
That morning before you went to the NICU you were visited by Kimmie, Cammie, Kathy, and Tasha. They all met you and we introduced with and finally named you.  You were almost a Maxen. We opted for TRACE RYDEN.  Mimi, Faye, Cammie, and Kimmie came to see you in the NICU. Pat and Tom visited me. Rylan and Caden were too young.

 It was the hardest thing. I hated leaving you there. I hated having to drive to see you. they doctors and nurses kept saying they were flying you to UCLA, and then the weather kept getting bad. You eventually did fly out to UCLA. Nervous day. Your brother and sister were so jealous that you got to go in a helicopter. I got to ride with you and dad drove.
The NICU there was good, you were squeezed in because they didn't actually have a spot for you.
We got an hotel room, and took turns seeing you and sleeping. You ended up getting diagnosed with Laryngomalacia, an airway defect. It closes your throat near your larynx. They thought it was mild, which it was then. through the next months it grew more severe. You were going to go back later.
we finally go to take you home and put your own clothes on you.

Mom stayed home with both kids while dad went to visit Tracer. we played a board game.

Trace Ryden
Jan.28, 2014
22 2/3 inches
9.15 pounds

His little feet were so sore from all the bloodwork.

Heading to the launchpad. Saddest day, happy moment. So many feelings.

Before he went to the NICU

Slept so much and Memorial NICU

Fattest baby in the whole  place. He weighed more than all his room mates together.