My Family

My Family
Ry-11 Caden -5 Bean-Belly

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tennesse with Cristal

My plane, I took pictures for the kids.


Mommy looking cute! lol

Jake Owens

Downtown Tennessee

My BFF at the hall of fame in Nashville. Bakersfield exhibit was the special for the month.
                                                                 Downtown Tennesse


Tasha dropped us by some glassess to view the eclipse. It was a sunday night and I ditched, so we were able to watch. Ry was most interested, as expected.


so handsome in mommys pretty shoes


He still loves this costume.


We got Alexis from a man that said he was going to be evicted and was looking for a new home for his dog.  We took pitty and adopted her. The next day we take her to get shots, and find out she is chipped with an out of town address. The Vet thinks the dog is stollen. The owners allow us to keep the dog. We then take her to get groomed. She loves to lay with mikey. She is 6 years old and was stolen at 6 months. She has since had 6 teeth pulled.  We feed her wet food in order to allow her substance in her meals.  Her whinning has stoped. She likes to travel. She can walk on a leash.

End of the School Year for Caden (3's)

My favorite letter is H like a horse, like Peaches!

Mother's Day

I was invited to a Mothers Day Tea at Caden's school.  We got little pastries and tea.  Caden made me a flower and his hand prints. He obviously was proud. Rylan was super proud as well.
Rylan's Mothers Day gift.

Kids being silly, Mr. Nikki and Cassandra watching on.

Went with Mom to Mothers day lunch to Sinaloas.

Me and my son on Mothers Day.

Mikey went to his Mom's because he wanted to see her. I had the morning with my beautiful children.

Caden's friend from room 108

Caden has a cute little group of friends. Braxton is a wild and fun boy, CJ is cute. She always tells me what Caden is up to. If he slept, got a timeout(rare), shes a good source of information. Caden got in trouble in the 4's class for rough-housing. Caden and CJ took a swim class together. They like to hug and kiss each other.  Her mom doesn't like that. The teacher had to talk to the two of them to teach them that kissing isn't for school.
Caden and Braxton at CJ's 4th Birthday Party (knight and princess theme)

This is Caden's Little girlfriend. She was a princess.

Caden took credit for that gift(it wasn't ours) he totally stole a hug.

Looking so handsome for school. He like his H hat.

Thats his artwork. First he said it was a chicken and worms. Then he said it was dad and him.

Caden and Braden  at the races.

Two silly boys. Braxton loves Caden and Caden thinks hes pretty great as well!

Caden(silly) Samantha and CJ

Braxton, Caden, Samantha, and CJ

Racing For Lacey

We attended the races in order to support the Racing For Lacey fund. This little girl is 2 and went to get tubes in her ears and the doctor found out then that she had cancer. Her parents drive 3 days a week out of town to get her treatments, 2 days to help her recoup, and 2 days home. Money was raised to support the parents in driving, lodging, food expenses. The kids like the races. I think its a long night out.

Breathe Boy

Caden had Asthma pretty bad this April-June. He usually gets the summer off treatments but we only were able to stop in August. He has a love/hate relationship with his breathing machine. He likes that he feels better after he takes it but hates the time out. I probably indulge him more because hes been so sick. His room is overflowing with things to do while he sits. On a rare occasion he requests for me to sit with him. I try, but it is hard to stay still for that long. I feel for him.  In August we are trying singulair and We PRAY it will help maintain his airways to stop having to take so many breathing treatments.  I'm in a debate with his doctor that his albuteral is effecting his oral health. He had 5 cavities at his last visit. He had to be sedated (turned out to be funny) and was in the office for a hour while they worked on his teeth.  He could barely walk for 2 hours after. He is so good at the doctors office because he goes so often.  I hate that he has all these problems.

He's Just Silly

Caden his doing his breathing treatment before he gets sedated and has to be papoosed. After surgery he was mad because they took off his shoes. He was loopy and mad. He was wound up and couldn't rest.  5 cavities in 6 months. The dentist agrees that the albuteral can cause increased tooth decay.


We like to spend an afternoon with the other kids in the family because our kids don't get to that often. Most holidays Dad and Tasha have to get a day near the holiday but never ON the holiday. So we make an effort to spend it with them. Tasha's parents were there.
Cash and Caden are blowing bubbles.

Cash and Rylan are relaxing in the shade.

My pretty Rylan.

Silly Caden.

Easter morning
Cadens Basket has fireman hat, swim suit, swim shoes,  insects catchers and collectors, movie, a little bit of candy, The Easter bunny had to use a laundry basket to put everything in because they got too much stuff. 
I though it was great because the kids could then collect dirty clothes in their rooms.

Rylan got bug catchers, movies, sandals, ear rings, and many other things. She was a bit suspicious as to why the Easter Bunny would use a laundry basket. hhhhmmmmm.....