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My Family
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Breathe Boy

Caden had Asthma pretty bad this April-June. He usually gets the summer off treatments but we only were able to stop in August. He has a love/hate relationship with his breathing machine. He likes that he feels better after he takes it but hates the time out. I probably indulge him more because hes been so sick. His room is overflowing with things to do while he sits. On a rare occasion he requests for me to sit with him. I try, but it is hard to stay still for that long. I feel for him.  In August we are trying singulair and We PRAY it will help maintain his airways to stop having to take so many breathing treatments.  I'm in a debate with his doctor that his albuteral is effecting his oral health. He had 5 cavities at his last visit. He had to be sedated (turned out to be funny) and was in the office for a hour while they worked on his teeth.  He could barely walk for 2 hours after. He is so good at the doctors office because he goes so often.  I hate that he has all these problems.

He's Just Silly

Caden his doing his breathing treatment before he gets sedated and has to be papoosed. After surgery he was mad because they took off his shoes. He was loopy and mad. He was wound up and couldn't rest.  5 cavities in 6 months. The dentist agrees that the albuteral can cause increased tooth decay.

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