My Family

My Family
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Caden's friend from room 108

Caden has a cute little group of friends. Braxton is a wild and fun boy, CJ is cute. She always tells me what Caden is up to. If he slept, got a timeout(rare), shes a good source of information. Caden got in trouble in the 4's class for rough-housing. Caden and CJ took a swim class together. They like to hug and kiss each other.  Her mom doesn't like that. The teacher had to talk to the two of them to teach them that kissing isn't for school.
Caden and Braxton at CJ's 4th Birthday Party (knight and princess theme)

This is Caden's Little girlfriend. She was a princess.

Caden took credit for that gift(it wasn't ours) he totally stole a hug.

Looking so handsome for school. He like his H hat.

Thats his artwork. First he said it was a chicken and worms. Then he said it was dad and him.

Caden and Braden  at the races.

Two silly boys. Braxton loves Caden and Caden thinks hes pretty great as well!

Caden(silly) Samantha and CJ

Braxton, Caden, Samantha, and CJ

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