My Family

My Family
Ry-11 Caden -5 Bean-Belly

Friday, July 6, 2012

Caden is a Big Boy

Caden loves to feed horses.

Caden riding his bike all by himself. We bought him his strider without pedels and he was able
to ride his bike in like 3 minutes.

Rylan loves to go on bike rides too!

We got Caden a new big boy bike which he can ride on his own.
He needs a little help getting one the bike, but he can do it on his own.

He can ride for over a mile. He gets worried when I fall behind.


Rylan was in line waiting for a chance of shooting a ball. She was on the 4/5 team.
Rylan was a fabulous ball player. Her coach was a great leader. GiGi was able to go to a game.
Oscar, the head coach raves about how well this team will do in a few years. 
Rylan is great at basketball. 


Caden wants a mustache so bad!
Rylan had a day as school where the kids were supposed to wear a mustache. So I created these so Rylan would have something to wear.  Caden was so excited to wear his mustache.

Katie The Drama Queen/ St. Patrick's Day

Caden made a St. Patrick's day hand print.

Took Rylan, Haily, Abby, and Caden to meet the author of the book "Katie the Drama Queen." She's a local author.

Katie is in the Center.
Every St. Patrick's Day I make green pancakes. The kids think it fun. Sometimes in years past the leprechaun actually turns water green in the toilet, and plays a few tricks.

Two Great Kids

Caden picked flowers out of Nana's Garden to give to momo and mim.

Rylan wore this on the day of the County Science Fair.

Rylan's First Fish

Mikey let Rylan play hookie from school with Mikey to go fishing. It happened to be on the day of the writing test. They invited Beryl and both kids caught fish. Rylan was pretty happy. I didnt realize that the writing test day, so she had to make it up.  But that smile is worth it!

Caden Turns Four

Caden has been waiting to turn four forever. So finally after all of the birthdays passed Caden gets his turn, was "so cited!" We had the family come over for dinner. Mikey ordered a McQueen cake from MJ(bowling) it was as big as caden was.  I had just had surgery from my jaw.  A few days before the party Mikey took Caden to Logan's to eat with Pa Pat, Mimi, papa, mim, nana, beryl, I didnt go because I was so sore from surgery. Then after I was a little recovered we had the party.  Caden got alot of money, many gifts.

Caden and Krissy

Caden needs more friends to play with. 
I borrowed my old friend from Highs School, Kara's daughter for the day.  They had fun.
 I enjoyed seeing Kara.

Caden Krissy had a second date a month or so later. They played well together and Krissy packed a lot of candy and different clothes to wear.  Before I took Krissy home we went to McDonalds so give the kids a snack. Caden was silly and Krissy was not so impressed.

Rylan Reading

Rylan competes in the Battle of the Book contet at school. More often that not she hates to read. Once she gets started she likes it. She is super smart. In order to get her reading I will try things like make her read to Casy, brother, and me. Casy is a better listener.

Rylan competed in the team and was invited to a pool party at the end of the year. Her team did not place, but they got the day off from school to play. I got to go to the last part of the "battle." Rylan is sitting next to Bethany.