My Family

My Family
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Friday, January 4, 2013

Caden and Rylan

Caden says the funniest things ever. I want to NEVER forget how cute he was at 4. Rylan is growing to be quite a little lady, tomboy, and my right-hand girl. She got all A's on her report card. The first time ever! Pat and Cammie went.  This year Rylan got interested in her horses again. Rylan loves her hair, but hates for me to fix it. She hates to brush it. Rylan figured out that her grandmother was Nana. Funny.

At Four Caden still had a lot of asthma, He once told me that He wanted to pray to God to take all his medicine away.  I told him I'd pray too. I aways tell the kids that God listens to children's prayers first. So they need to pray too.  Caden LOVES Vegas, Cars(Disney) and Woody. He sleeps with a pillow pet and horse blanket Both from my mom. The blanket has to be right side up and strait.  Caden also graduated from speech class. He's been going for 3 years.  Caden was excited to get a horse that actually goes. He wanted one for Christmas, Faye and Tom got her it. Tom and I think Daddy wished it wasn't barbie.

Caden says " this toothpaste is just-gusting, tastes like carrots"
"I wanna go to Heaven, Nana wants to go to the North Pole"
"daddy is afraid of kisses"
Still calls Rylan, yaya. Now he will refer to her as his sister.
He tells me I'm pretty and beautiful everyday.
Never wants me to cut my hair, he likes it when I tickle him with my hair.
Caden and I went on a date to the movies and Panda Express to eat. He read his fortune cookie and said that it read " Jesus says i will wrestle steers, and be good at it." He even pulled out my chair.
Caden was dying for me to get new cowboy boots, so It would be easier for me to put on.( I had lace- ups from 1996.)
He tell me "sign me up for the Rodeo, I'M GOOD!"
When I'm 5  I will wrestle steers.
So Peaches is going to boy that don't know how to ride a big boy Horse?
His teachers tell me that he was selling Peaches for 2 bucks at preschool.

Rylan is turning into a teen. She huffs and puffs at my requests, but will follow direction.
She started to stay home alone for a little bit.  Both of the kids love to eat out, Tapatia is their favorite. Caden loves guacamole, Rylan loves shrimp.  Rylan always asks when dad will do chores. He does, but never when she's around.  She hates laundry, but can clean the kitchen well. She prefers to help daddy outside. Her best friend his Hailey, though they fight. She's learning to find new friends. She likes Prestley, and a few girls from her class.  Caden puts a damper on friends coming over because I make them play with Caden.

Caden learned how to maneuver his rope. Thanks to Mitch, Jordan, and Pat.  Caden says that he needs to ride his horse longer so he can be in Jordan's Rodeo.  I hate two great kids, thank you God for them.  Caden's best friend is Braxton. They got into a fight and Braxton told Caden to move to yellow. Caden told him no because he wanted to be on pink so his mom and dad would be happy.  I guess Caden and Addison Pettichord had to play together. They are new friends. They have been in the same class this year. They just began to open up to each other. He still loves C.J. She says they are meant to be together. They'll been "together" for 2 years. Half his life! so cute. They don't kiss anymore because they got in trouble in the 3 year old class.  Rylan never talks about boys...yet!