My Family

My Family
Ry-11 Caden -5 Bean-Belly

Thursday, December 27, 2012

BBG memorial

Shayne holding Parker, Morgan holding Alyssa, Logan, Caden, Rylan holding McKenna, and Gigi.  Caden is the only boy.
Caden and Logan sharing rides on the bike. They are so cute when they talk. I do know that he wondered why her boots were on the outside of her pants.  She rides horses on her ranch.  They are second cousins.  She is my cousin Brian's daughter.

Family Pic

Aunt Faye and I

Our Christmas Card Picture... Love it
Caden looks nervous with Farley. He rode a few times so he must have gotten used to it.
 Daddys family

Jordan, Rylan and Alyssa riding Farley
Mommy testing out Riley. We sold Peaches to get Caden a big boy horse.

Jordan and Caden roping. caden could do this for hours. I think Jordan did play with him for an hour or more

Rylan finally is back in the saddle...finally. Over came another fear.
November means the Great BBG memorial. On the day after Thanksgiving the Wrights hold a fun filled day of tacos, family, horse riding. We all invite our in-laws or out-laws. Relax, ride, dance, drink, play, and visit. Red Simpson plays music, the taco man cooks for us. It is so yummy. The day is tiring and terrific!

More and More Christmas

a Christmas Miracle

so excited for her ipad mini

so excited for the shovel Rylan got him

asthma boy wasn't feeling so well... we snuggled and I'm happy.

Chelsea and Mikey at Pat's house

Pat and Nana

Caden organizing his cars form his stocking... see in the back they are all in a row.

Tom and Faye got him a Barbie and a horse. He wanted a horse that walked and they found it!  Daddy has mixed emotions.

More Christmas

Hoyt, Austin, David,Jett,Grandpa,Rylan,Skyler, Grandma,Lanie,Logan,Cadan, Wayde

Mikeys family never have spent the holiday together with all the grandkids all together. Grandma Harmon always wishes that they would. One day at bowling I was talking to Cammie and suggested that we go to a public place. We all get together and give Grandma this wish, Well Cammie took the ball and ran with it. Mikey called around and was able to get Hodels. Stacy secured the spot. She made it a surprise.

December( Christmas)

Family trip to the Magical Forest

Talking nervously to Santa. Rylan wanted a Barbie house.  Santa brought them an xbox kinect.

Talking confidently to Santa. He told him he wanted a new jeep, new tractor, new firestation, new water hose, trash can (crash can), new firetruck... and the list goes on.

we visited a housre while looking at lights the created snow. Caden wasn't  too sure about it.

We completed an advent Christmas tree where they cut a ring until Christmas.

Caden dressed up like a hansome boy for the Chirstmas Program.

Stevi and Caden

Playing games at Pat and Kims

MoMo's Christmas sweater that she wears every year... every year! funny. Wouldn't be christmas without it.

We have so many people to visit. Its like a marathon.
Grandpa Johnston and Tasha's

dad helping Kash with the helicopter we got him.


lookin sweet and nice in the truck

On our date to the bull riding. Daddy looks soooo happy ;0
Rylan and I at the bullriding event at the convention center.

Caden and his best friend Braxton

Caden loves hair, loves to touch it, brush it and blow dry it.

Daddy and caden at the bull riding.



Rylan wasn't going to dress up... we surprised her with a web witch costume. Caden was spiderman. we visited Gigi, Mimi's, grandparents, more grandparents and more. Next year we are staying home. The kids are so tired and grumpy, Well I'm grumpy. We hate to skip anyone house. So next year... come to our house if you want to see us. We will be handing out candy and eating pizza.

what I get

UGGGGG... this is so hard doing this blog all in one sitting. From now on I will keep up with it better!  My back hurts. Rylan and Caden are still in their PJ's, as am I... I can't wait to see it published.

sad day... I'm 35 Oct 30

i love you ... not all in the correct order ...but still
Mikey let the kids pick out their own gifts for me.  Caden got me an umbrella for the sun. Rylan got me a robe. Mikey got me a few gift cards to go shopping.  Love how happy they are to give me just what I wanted!