My Family

My Family
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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sanger Roping and Horses

     Caden has decided that he his a REAL cowboy. Earlier in the year Mikey welded him a roping dummy. Caden has always loved to go out to Tom's to rope.  He  loves  to get help from Pa Pat, Tom, Jordan and Mitchell. He has been watching the boys rope. This year we signed him up for a roping in Sanger. Mikey and I got so lost getting there, his parents followed us up there. Nana rode with us.  We between bad direction, GPS, Nana, myself we got lost... Almost ruined the day.  We watched Tom, Pat, Mitchell, Mason, and Jordan rope. They borrowed the trailer. We packed sandwiches for the day. It ended up being a great day. Caden Got second place, he lost by one horn. He wore Jordan's all around buckle as an intimidation factor, The other boys did take notice. Well Caden lost out on the buckle. He did get second. We won a rope bag.  He also found 20$ which we tried to throw away since it wasn't his. I quickly grabbed it out of the trash though!
     After the roping was over we made sandwiches at the trailer and Caden practiced roping some more. Then he roped every throw. He did well. if only he had roped that well in the beginning.He would have got a buckle. Oh well.
Caden got bit by ants and his had swelled up pretty good, He screamed and yelled. He's allergic. 
Feeding peaches with Mimi... he's giving Peaches apples. He also feeds the other horses too

We bought Caden these ropes in order to get him "professional" grade ropes to practice. We bought the last to the website had just in case one broke or got wore out. These ropes cost 30/each.

The three boys. The one in the red got 3rd.

Caden and Jordan's buckle.

Caden and Peaches at Pa Pats and Mimi's house.

     Momo hated the roping, papa and mim were ok though. They came for Caden.  Rylan was still boycotting all things horses, so she didn't participate.  My family bullied me into getting a new dog at the roping. It costs 200$  I didn't think we needed it...still don't. But I was out numbered. She is pretty. We named her Sage.  Nana is relaxing. I think daddy wears her out!

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