My Family

My Family
Ry-11 Caden -5 Bean-Belly

Thursday, December 27, 2012

BBG memorial

Shayne holding Parker, Morgan holding Alyssa, Logan, Caden, Rylan holding McKenna, and Gigi.  Caden is the only boy.
Caden and Logan sharing rides on the bike. They are so cute when they talk. I do know that he wondered why her boots were on the outside of her pants.  She rides horses on her ranch.  They are second cousins.  She is my cousin Brian's daughter.

Family Pic

Aunt Faye and I

Our Christmas Card Picture... Love it
Caden looks nervous with Farley. He rode a few times so he must have gotten used to it.
 Daddys family

Jordan, Rylan and Alyssa riding Farley
Mommy testing out Riley. We sold Peaches to get Caden a big boy horse.

Jordan and Caden roping. caden could do this for hours. I think Jordan did play with him for an hour or more

Rylan finally is back in the saddle...finally. Over came another fear.
November means the Great BBG memorial. On the day after Thanksgiving the Wrights hold a fun filled day of tacos, family, horse riding. We all invite our in-laws or out-laws. Relax, ride, dance, drink, play, and visit. Red Simpson plays music, the taco man cooks for us. It is so yummy. The day is tiring and terrific!

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