My Family

My Family
Ry-11 Caden -5 Bean-Belly

Thursday, December 27, 2012


We took the kids to the rodeo.  Our family loves it. Momo... not so much! I think mim and papa like it. We tried to get Caden to do the mutton bustin' but he got syked out. He didn't want to, then he did.  He decided to wait until next year.

Rylan, Mim, and Caden got to ride an elephant. Rylan wears a funny parrot hat. Tasha and Grandpa Johnston also went to the rodeo.  It was a great night. Caden likes the bull riding and the steer wrestling the best. On the top picture is a motorcycle trick rider who is also a cowboy that helps the cowboys haze, and get the bulls back into the chutes. His name is Justin Ayers "the flying cowboy."

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