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My Family
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Thursday, December 27, 2012

New School Year

The new school year is always bittersweet. Kids get older, more grown up and change.
Rylan is more confident, she is able to speak in front of large groups. In first grade she would get so much anxiety that she would cry if she had to say her name in front of the class.  This year she has ran for office, which required her to speak in front of her peers. She ran for president. Her slogan was ...everybody says "Rylan for Pres"  She didn't win. She is a Safe school ambassador, Battle of the Book club, and participated on oral language.  She worked with Presley, Haily and Abby.  Rylan is also doing Volleyball and Basketball. We took a break from swim because Caden was having surgery to repair his ear drums. We are going to start back in February.  Rylan is into Barbies, Ipods, she kinda likes reading, doesn't love it. 
Rylan loves her hair, hates to let me fix it. She likes to ear the same thing every day.  I make her lay out 5 different outfits on Sunday night in order to rotate her clothing. She has so many things to wear.  Dad get confused now and will put her clothes in my closet and vice-versa.  She almost as tall as me and weighs about 92 lbs. Rylan like to sneak off with dad to get ice cream. She like to go to the stables to  help dad out and just be around him working/helping.  She is a great helper and cleaner.
My kids love to argue and fight with each other, but the do love each other more that anything.  They are perfect for me. I'm blessed to have them. Arguing and all!

Caden is going into the Four Year Old class at school. He will be with Braxton, CJ, Addison.

 His teacher is Ms. Porsha, Ms. Jennifer, and Ms. Karen.  This year he will learn how to recognise letters and sounds, and begin to learn how to blend letters to make words. He should now a few sight words, and also recognize numbers to 10 and count to 10.  IF he achieves all his goals that would be amazing.  He still struggles with asthma...though its getting better. Mikey let him have a new backpack (although all he uses it for is to keep his horse trailer toys in it).  He thinks he's big stuff.  Caden had to take a week off school for an ear surgery. They had to repair holes in his ear drum and remove his ear tubes. He also had to have 6 cavities repaired. Apparently albuteral effect teeth by making them decay quickly. He had to be sedated. It has hard on mom and dad to see him that way.  We hate that he has any illness but he handles it like a pro. He's our strong Cowboy!

Caden like to wear his Cowboy clothes, mostly.  He will wear other clothes if he thinks Braxton will be too.  They like to plan out what they will wear the next day.  This is the first year Caden has participated in pj day at school. He would never do that in the past years he's been there.  He's growing up. Some of the teachers call him "boots."  Ms. Porsha says that Caden always compliments her on her hair, shirts, or bows that she wears. She says hes is very sweet and complimentary to her. He is to me soon. Everyday he says I'm Pretty and Beautiful, I hope he will tell his wife that everyday too.  He can be the most kind and the meanest boy ever!  One thing that's very cute is every night before Caden goes to sleep he likes me to tickle his face with my hair.  He tells me to not cut my  hair ever. He loves to run his fingers around my ponytail. He loves me so differently that Rylan did. She needed me he wants me around.  Caden loves to "fight" with daddy. Though he has gotten in trouble at school for that. 

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