My Family

My Family
Ry-11 Caden -5 Bean-Belly

Thursday, December 27, 2012


This time I didn't actually cry... no I did. Caden walked back with the nurse crying " mommy! I want mommy!" It killed me. Caden has had surgery at millennium 3 times: toy out of nose, ear tubes, and finally to repair ear drums.  I cried at all times. This time I wasn't.  Until he cried out for me.  The sweet nurses were prepared and handed me a tissue right as Caden left my sight.  He walked holding the nurses hand looking back at me, wrenching out my heart...crying.  Dr. Zerlin did a skin graft above his ear and used that skin to replace the ear drum in one ear. Both tubes were removed.  This is good because one had slipped. He is now able to swim without ear bands "like a big boy" as Caden says.

Helping dad after he wanted to mop his room. So  much for keeping him still. He also went to Jeff's to shoot guns...Whatever!

He recovered quickly and within an hour was up and about. He stayed home from school for a week, the Doctor didn't want him to disrupt the graft. He never gets drowsy after sedation although I wish he would sleep off the effects of the sedation. By the way... he was not a fan of the purple gown.

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