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My Family
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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Beach 2012

Oceano Dunes 2012
Big Air! Rylan finally got her footing on the quad. One Proud Daddy!

She looks so grown in this picture. I didn't go out to watch, but daddy took pictures for me. It was a great week! Ry felt so proud and confident after overcoming a fear.
Every year we take the trailer on the beach.  I gave up riding. Rylan is doing well. She even rides on the Dunes.Caden will get a quad next year.  Maybe a bike. This year Mikey and I didn't fight. I spent the whole time in the trailer.  Jake and Christy and their girls stayed with us. It was fun the relax and chill.  The kids were good. I love Jessica and Jaylyn.

I thought this couple was cute. Holding hands walking along the shore. I want that to me when Im older. Mikey and I never walk on the beach...ever!

Jakes ride. In the back all the kids, Mine, His and Logan.

Logan is teaching Caden how to ride.

Jaylyn, Ry, Logan, andf Jessica

Caden fell in the water a wave swoops over him. He walksto me almost in tears and says"Mom, it will dry?"
I say "yes" while thinking not today! but eventually.  He gets cold then we walk back.

Nana got Rylan this for Christmas. She made friendship braclettes for a few people. Herself first.

My attire for the beach.
Jaylyn, Ry, Caden, Stevi, and Maci(kelli and steve Boles Kids)

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