My Family

My Family
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Masters Degree from Point Loma

I graduated from Point Loma University. Jenn was my partner in crime. Without her I may not have graduated as gracefully.  The buddy system is  was a great way to go through the masters program. I still have a few months to go.

I kept looking at the family in the stands that helped me go through this.
Mikey helped me by taking on the kids every night I had class.

I was most proud to have Rylan see the graduation process. She will remember this day forever. I  hope to see her graduate and earn her degrees. As of not she wants to be a Ocean animal doctor.
I decided that I was ready to go into the adminstrational leadership program.  I wanted to further my career and have option to someday lead a school and support teacher rather than "just" be a teacher. I chose Point Loma because the schedule was easy to keep, only going one night a week.  I had the support of my family, principal, and Jenn Allen.  Many of the nights it was very hard to be away from my kids. Caden was diagnosed with asthma and Rylan was into so many things after school. I feel worst for missing homework, and just the general disconnect I felt in Rylans school day. Many days were totally overwhelming. When Caden is at is worst I'm up 4 nights in a row dealing with asthma, working full time, and completing homework, fieldwork, lessons and grading... not to mention meeting Ry's and Mikeys needs. 

Over this year Mikey and I have gotten our finances in order. We are doing better, not great... but better. We moved into a better neighborhood more suited for us. Mikey carpools. Rylan got all A's and B's.  I hope that in the next year I will be able focus more on my kids. I will not be in school. Everything will be a bit easier. I think that because I will get a raise we will be still on track to pay off our debt.

The best thing out of College for me is that my daughter is able to see what a sacrifice it is to do after kids. Rylan tells me she wants to go to college in San Diego and live with Breanne and Darren.  She says she wants to go to college before she has kids. I hope that through all this I gave Rylan a good example ans was a role model for her. I hope I'll be a better mom, teacher, leader...a guess wife too.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Gardener

So my son loves to watch the gardeners come to the house. Each Monday morning he peeks his head ans listens to them speak to each other. He watches them mow the lawn. He yells out to them, "hey man, hello Hey MAN!" We were talking about the Gardner and he asked me who they were. I replied they are the gardeners. He said I want a gardener (meaning lawnmower).  He clearly had never seen his dad do this because in the rental house we were given a gardener.  At target they were selling the bubble mower for "little tikes" I knew he had to have it. And so we bought him the bubble mower. NOW he wants to be a gardener.

long day of work... check out gardener hat
Just a side note now that we are talking about jobs. Rylan first job she wanted to be was a sign flipper. Like the ones for Verizon or Little Ceasers pizza.  At he age of 5 she wanted to be a vet at the zoo.  That was until Mikey told her she would have to stick her hands in the elephants... you  know what.  In kindergarten she wanted to be a nurse.  Now in third grade she wants to work at sea world with the animal habitats or a teacher. I think she just says teacher in order to please me. 

Day at the Park

Daddy pushing Caden on swing.  NO! that not what you think he has in his hand! Its a canned Tea.
look at his fabulous smile
Looking for bugs. She's talking to the bugs probably...or Herself!
What?!? Ones missing ....I had three ladybugs before, now I have two. I even put in an aphid. How did it excape?

OOOH man!

Easter Eggs

Easter eggs were fun. Usually the kids Aunt does the egg decorating. I'm a bit of a scrooge so I waited till the last day (Saturday) so suck it up and decorate the eggs. Rylan was careful and very serious. Caden was having a blast dunking and splashing the eggs into the colored dye. There was only one spill. Thank You SON!
Rylan did a beautiful job decorating her eggs.

Note: His eggs are each colored nicely. Hes pretty happy. By the end he had dunked them into each different color and the all ended up a varied shade of gray.

Look at his face. Now...look at his gray/green hands. Gross Funny huh?

Jogger no more

So, needless to say I didnt work out after that first week. I'm hoping that with summer here and Caden in school three days a week that I will be able to start up agian. I have 7 pounds to make my goal weight.

Oh well!!!!