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My Family
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Friday, July 29, 2011

Sacagawea (May 2011)

May 2011
Rylan and Dad

Ry and Mommy


Rylan has a horrible case of anxiety.  Her teachers have been sensitive to her needs and cautiously encouraged her to work through her anxiety.  The have made accommodations such as allowing her to record her stories at recess, allowed her to have a speaking part if she requested it, and not making her speak aloud when the anxiety is too much. In first grade, a new student arrives to her class. The teacher asked everyone in the room to say their name and favorite color. Rylan anxiously obliged her  teacher, but cam crying to me after school. As a mother I felt so sorry for her. It was then that I knew she really did have issues.  As a smaller child ages 3-4 Rylan would cry if I made her  go to school a little late because she could not walk into a room already filled with children. If she was first and 30 children filled the room after her she would be ok.  One Christmas, we came to my uncles... as we approached the door Rylan tensed up. She did not want to walk into the room filled with her family. I always try to be early and keep a schedule.

If you look at the above picture you'll see a green dot.  Parents, children and teachers walk to the child and press their button.  She the child speak as  though they are the character.  Rylan says "I'm Sacagawea. Im famous for helping Lewis and Clark expedition." She stated some facts and was the best! I was so proud. Even took the morning off  to share in her moment.

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