My Family

My Family
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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Rylan is 10

Dad ordered you a special cake, blue with flowers.

Can I borrow some money?
a few of the many people that love you!
itunes gift card
pa Pat gave caden a few of his old treasured tropheys
Nana and Rylan... nanas favorite girl ever!
I can't believe that Rylan is ten years old. We went from living in a one room trailer,sharing a room, and my taking aide from the state.  I was going to school, working at Pappy's Coffee Shop, and at times student teaching too.  After finding out I was pregnant I kept it a secret for as long as I could, I was scared that I wouldn't be able to take care of her.  I went to the monthly appointments and at one point (about 4 months) I was but on rest and had to have a home nurse. Being so sick was hard, I had to stay at my moms.  The nurse put me on IV's.  After a week or so I was able to go home.  It was at this point I had to tell the family.  I was scared to disappoint them. They were happy, when I was 16 the doctor had told me that I would have problems conceiving. It was a blessing that I was able to get pregnant.  I was still sick everyday.  I had a lot of support from my family. 

I hired Amber to watch you. She even saved your life. You were always into something. One day you found a quarter on the floor. You swallowed it. Amber had to rescue you and you were able to cough it up. She totally saved your life.  You would cry and I would let you sit outside on the porch
 for a time out. You like to watch the wind sock move with the wind.

Having a child focused me, I didn't go out to party with friends, I had a great reason to stay focused on my goal. Eventually we moved out of the trailer and into a house with Sara, Lacey, and Cheree. It was fun and I had friends to talk to. You started to go to a ABC preschool. Once you tried to escape and go to nana's house!  You tried to spell your name TEIO. When the teachers would write your name you would cross it out and put TEIO.  One day You wrote RYRYRY on my car with a permanent marker.  I loved when you would call a gun a shoot shoot,flamingo- flambingo, trampoline- jumpoline,duck- guck, hair- hayer, motorcycles were nun-nuns.  You really spoke very well.  One of your first words was doctor. You called Cheree, Sara, and Lacey... Aunt Sissy. You loved to get a chocolate milk at the market while I went to the gym.  You always your 2 sizes bigger in your clothes. You were huge! Tall and made of bricks.  I loved to but you clothes. We had to cut your hair when you were about 4. You started losing your hair. I loved you in that cute bob.  You were 3 when you got your first haircut, a trim. You never have had bangs.

Sometimes we would get dinner and bring it home. You loved sushi.  Well really you liked all food. You and Amber would come and get a tea and a biscuit and gravy. I think you ate oatmeal and BG the most.  I always split your juice with water.  You rarely(that I could control) had sweets. I would ask if you wanted ice cream from Country boy and you would request soup instead. You didn't even eat fruit until you were 2. The first time you had a root beer float you were 5. That's about the time we met Mikey. He was shocked and didn't believe that you had never had ice cream with root beer.  I felt it was important to make sure you ate well.  Pizza market was our favorite place to go.  Sara and Noah would join us, we'd eat pizza and you could play. Del taco was a usual place for us to go also. Sara and I could talk, and you could play. And it was cheap.

We met Mikey on his birthday! We went to roadhouse. He gave you Beary Bear, and I got flowers. Cammie let you have a refill of milk. I was impressed. I never allowed refills because we were always trying to save money.  You and Mikey struggled to get to know each other, definitely had your ups and downs! But it looks like it worked out. You were happy to have a Dad. His parents always treated you as a grandchild. 

Ten years after you were born I'm proud you are my daughter.  You are smart, kind, beautiful, caring of animals and your family. Even this week you befriended a boy that was being made of.  You made him feel cared for by playing with him when nobody would. In kinder you were nice to a boy that was from the special day class, in first grade you punched a boy for hitting your friend. I love that you are kind to the under dog. That is the best part of you!  Your best friend is Haily, you love animals, hate to ride horses(since you fell). like to ride bikes, your electric skooter, love pedicures.  Your not that into school. But you can run a mile, have a 3.0 or above. You played basketball, swim(your favorite), baseball, and volleyball. You are best at basketball.Volleyball is boring, but you do it. I are getting tired of Zebra print.  The favorite meal is enchiladas, rice and beans with sour cream. You like suchi, love dolphins. You want to go to college in San Diego. You'd love to work at Sea World.

Rylan, Haily and Abby. Hailey is he BFF, but Abby is a good friend too! They were able to atend the party. Rylan got a molding clay and turn table to create pots, vases etc.

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