My Family

My Family
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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Winter Break 2011

Caden got this gift from Mikey and I.  The neighbors and Mikey used it to put their drink in.
Check out to cup holder.  It even plays a real radio. He loves to drive fast. He calls it his dodge.

On this day he rode his tractor he got from the 2010 Christmas. 
He wrecked into a truck, but he didn't cause any damage... Thankfully.
Rylan and Abby rode their skates and Caden chased them. Rylan got skates from Santa. 

He loves to pester these girls.

One expensive piece of paper. I wish I could get a job working in admin. I struggle because I feel like I need for experience to be qualified, but really feel like teaching isn't for me.

Caden goes to the dentist pretty regularly.  Its been a year since we last went. Since we are at the doctor so much I've put his teeth on the back burner.  He did so well. He just had tears, but didn't cry. He had no cavities, and got a toy from the dentist and a Cars 2 tooth brush. He was pretty proud, as were we.

Mikey finally turns 30.  Ry thought that was pretty funny. This is the place where Mikey first met Rylan. It was five years ago we went to Roadhouse to celebrate Mikey birthday.

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