My Family

My Family
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Thursday, December 29, 2011


Caden loved staying at Vegas.
He liked the attention, the cowboys and the excitement. He wants to have his next birthday party there. That honestly scares me a little... a lot!  He kept asking if you could eat there, sleep there.
He never wanted to leave. a month later he still talks about it.
On the way to Vegas we made 5 stops. This was the third and the dinosaur park. We ate at the little cafe.  One the way home we cut it down to 3 stops. It was a good family trip with MY family. Usually we go with mikeys family to the beach. I'm hoping this can be our annual Wright trip.

The Kids

Jordan (pink shirt) we are so proud of him. Caden says that he will take peaches out there next time. I have a feeling if Caden has his way we will be watching my son out their one day. Tuff Hedeman was roping there, too.

Caden got new boots and Chaps. He wears these as often as I will allow it. We had two to three different people ask to take his picture. He is so stinkin cute!

I love this pic... Mikey got his first real cowboy hat.  Now he looks like Caden.

Rylan loved her new cowboy hat because it has a zebra trim. Mikey indulged her and allowed her to have and early Christmas present. I think its super cute, so is she.

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