My Family

My Family
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

missing you

My grandpa Wright is missed everyday.  I would live to be over at their house and take my kids to allow them to play in the front yard while he watches from his chair.  He could watch Caden and Rylan run, chase, fight, ride, and talk from the big window in the living room.  I could watch him watching my kids. I wish I could have that chance.  I wish he could have had the chance to see how his family stayed together and play with each other still.  We are all over 20...even 30 and love to sit in the same room and talk and joke with each other. I want my grandpa to be there to watch and listen.

Cristal and I at the North High school graduation party. I miss this girl everyday to. We talk on facebook and see each other occasionally... but not enough. 
I miss my grandma Peters and her soup that always made us feel better, I miss grandma Joan and her fierce fight for her family and loved ones. She had the biggest heart and wrath if you should dare cross her babies.  She met Rylan. She always gave her a cookie from the jar...sometimes a whole box.  I miss talking to her about secrets and i know she'd be proud of dad and his God centered life.

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