My Family

My Family
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

pirate for one long day- poor Rylan

My silly Rylan wakes up at 2:30 in the night to say that her eye hurts. This was just after we put Caden to bed after having an asthma attack and breathing. Like the great parents we are we tell Rylan to go to bed and reassure her that she'll be fine.  the next day was a Friday. I kept my phone on all day because i thought Caden may have breathing problems and wanted his school to be able to call me.  Well Rylan's school calls. She is still saying her eye hurts.  I tell her to go to the bathroom and wash it off, to get a paper towel on it.  She calls back.  So I leave work and pick her up. Her eye was red.  I take her to home and wash all her bedding (thinking its pink eye) we go to urgent care.  It turns out that she scraped her cornea, and needed to wear an eye patch.  She was excited to have that! 

Until reality set in eye patches are very annoying.  She wore it until the next morning and was so irritated.  She did tell her dad that she thought an ice cream would make her feel better.
Like great parents we didn't make it.

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