My Family

My Family
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thanksgiving (day after)

The day after Thanksgiving is a family play day for the Wrights in-laws and out-laws.  We do competitions and ride horses, talk, rope, etc. The kids really look forward to it.  As do the adults. Mikey took the day off, and I gave him his horse early in order to have it for the event... BUT it was cancelled.  So those who could go went out. It was a good day...riding, talking, and fighting. GOOD TIMES.
Rylan and Caden
Caden has such a great natural smile, but Rylan is using a forced smile. Its so hard to get a natural smile out of her.

Getting ready to brush Peaches

Mikey and his first own horse April.

I am riding down Peaches for the kids. Each time I get on Peaches I feel the need to apologize. I say, " I'm sorry Peaches I will only be on you for a minute. BUT, I did about get bucked off a few times. So I'm glad I rode first.

Caden and Jordan
Caden thinks Jordan his so interesting. He thinks its funny when Jordan rides his horse with no shirt, or "naked" as Caden puts it.  Caden like to ride with him and loves watching all my cousins riding,roping, talking.  He loves to be at Uncles Toms arena or PaPats house. Caden talks about Peaches, horses, and riding all the time. 

That is a beautiful smile Ms. Rylan! They both like to wear the vests, and hats, and boots. But Caden is a cowboy through and through.

She loves animals and horses. She likes to be with the girls Lacey, Chelsea, and myself.  On a ride out she met us near the end was able to ride Peaches the rest of the way home. Rylan saw her Nana's horse jump at a shadow and was afraid. So Tyler led her the rest of the way, while carrying Caden in the saddle. Caden rode out with Jordan initially, Jordan walked the whole way out.  Jordan didn't walk fast enough. Caden wanted to be up with Chelsea and Lacey. He likes pretty girls.

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