My Family

My Family
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Friday, April 6, 2012

Condors Hockey- Teacher of the Month

Ryan #5 the boy on the second from the right in the blues shirt is Joseph Roa.
He nominated me to be teacher of the month.

Bright house TV, Condors Hockey, and La Campesina 92.5 were the sponsored of this award. The class each got a tacos, rice and beans, and a ticket to attend the game for free, backpack, bumper sticker and a free play afternoon. The kids got to interview the player(Ryan). He solved math problems. Ive never been honored before and was happy to get this award.

Many Official people were there. The class was full of representatives from the associations.  Cheree got to check out the fun!
While at the game a few kids attended with there families.  My family loved it! i got to treat Rylans friends, Hailey and Abby's family too.   Mrs. Harmon's class was recognized over the intercom at the game. Woo Whoo it was exciting.

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