My Family

My Family
Ry-11 Caden -5 Bean-Belly

Thursday, December 31, 2015

2013. It's actually 2015 now. (I've been busy)

This is the year that we became a family of five. We had the most scary moments, blessed, average and exceptional. Trace came home! I got a teenager and Caden passed kindergarten. 

Lets see if I can recall some moments I did not want to forget.
I gained 40 lbs being pregnant with the baby. Miserable. I never dilated, never effaced, and he eventually had to be evicted due to being so big. I was induced a little early. Caden hopes for a boy, Rylan doesn't care. I wanted a girl.  It was a boy. A big boy. He was due January 30, I had him Jan. 28.

Rylan-  She grew up so much.  She started a new school because Standard School was not a good fix. Her teacher was horrible. She joined 4H, made some new friends. Her teacher at Almondale Mrs. Lencioni had everything ready for her. Rylan had a hard week when I was gone taking care of Trace. She stayed with mimi, and they took good care of her, but she missed us.  Rylan started raising goats at my dads, Darlas house.

Caden- He is a strong boy. He hates school mostly just the reading, loves soccer at school. He sometimes likes to throw away his lunch I made him, in order to get a school lunch. The cafeteria teachers always tell me. He's gotten in a few fights.  He was wearing glasses, but is able to get released from them.  He broke his old pair and replaced them before we realized that he wouldn't need new ones.

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