My Family

My Family
Ry-11 Caden -5 Bean-Belly

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

DONE With 2013

Caden is a sweet boy, or can be. He likes to play with my hair, touch me ever growing belly, and lays with Yaya when he had bad dreams.  Rylan loves her animals, loves to help outside, and gets annoyed with Caden.

I never want to forget Rylan telling me the God has Commandments, and some are "really good!" 
Caden told me I was pretty and could come to his party.
Mikey and I had a great year. We ended up getting along better than ever. Nice to relax and enjoy. :)

BBG 2012

The reason I placed this picture in my book is because Beryl Passed away this year.  Caden really questions how the Heaven thing works. He wants to know when he will see him, But Caden doesn't want to go to Heaven.  He will see Beryls truck and think Beryl decided to come back.  He misses him and tells us often. He didn't get to see Beryl in the hospital, Caden told me we should have. Rylan understands more, But says its hard to handle people dying from cancer.  The kids learned about loss this year.Lucy, Beryl, and Casy (our dog).  We miss Beryl too.  He was a great help. He would always pick up Rylan id she needed to.  He would let her skip her homework to go play on the motorcycle.  Caden would roll up in bed with Beryl and play tabs, he didn't notice how Beryl was changing towards the end.   Talk about unconditional LOVE. 

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