My Family

My Family
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Monday, January 13, 2014

May- end of the school year for Caden

For mothers day Caden's school always hosts a sweet mothers day tea. I always go so that Caden doesn't have to be the one with no mom.  Caden made me a flower. He ate so much.  The kids sang a few songs, a poem, and we drank tea and ate cookies.  Caden is pretty short so he stands in the front with the girls. 
Caden's Poem he memorized.
I know someone special who tucks me in at night,
Who teaches me to comb my hair and dress myself just right.
She hugs me when I'm angry and helps to keep me calm.
The person that im thinking about is my mom
I love you mom

Caden and Cj have been in the same class since they were two, He loves her, he says.  That is his girldfriend.
She lets him put her in jail. He had been to her birthday party.
 Graduation was a tough day for mom. I cried. Dad was super proud to. They announced each of the jobs that the kids wanted to be.  You said Fireman.  You had Mrs. Jennifer as a teacher this year.  Ms. Porshe was the aide.  You had to do breathing treatements often in the office to keep you healthy.


Kalieb, Kimmie, Momo

papat and mimi

Grandma Mike

Grandpa Rick

Stevi and You
Mrs. Jennifer
Nana at Ice cream
Tasha at Ice cream.

We are all so proud of you and your progress. You are starting to read, brave, handsome, and we love you.


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