My Family

My Family
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Monday, January 13, 2014

June-Camping With the Jones's

Camping with the Jones's
that bear!

the bear was a bit too close

 We were invited to go and honestly I did not want to at all.  I was puny, and had crazy pregnancy sickness.  We got the essentials and had a great ride up to balch park.  The are was crisp, clean, chilled. It was a great weekend.  Once I got out of the car I felt better. There was fishing, bears, and camp fires.  Caden caught the first fish of the morning. Jake fried it up and it was pretty great. The kids were in heaven. They loved it. As we were leaving the kids were so upset. They enjoyed the freedom and the lake. The fresh air was great for me. There was no drama.  We haven't been since, but I'm pregnant, so that's the reason.

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