My Family

My Family
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Monday, January 13, 2014

May- End of 5th Grade

Rylan had a great 5th grade year. She got strait A's once, the presidential fitness award. A pin for her letter at Highland.  She was on honor roll all 4 quarters.  Rylan and Presley got to closer friend because they were in the same class. Haily is still one of her Bff's.  Rylan started swim team, and softball with dad as the coach.  Jalyn was on her team again.  The team was a winning team this year.
Dinner at Roadhouse with Presley, then we went to miniature Golf after. Daddy's idea.

Cute swimmer

artwork of the beach

Getting her awards

drew a picture of daddy, couldn't do a face so she cut it out.

fell asleep reading
Rylan Raised money to support the team for her previous first grade teacher, Mrs. Arispe.She had ovarian cancer. Rylan always thought she was a special teacher, and so nice. It was so hot that day, the field was dry which seemed to add to the heat. We didn't stay for too long. Later this year Lucy passed away. It was a sad time for the school. Rylan didn't react to upset as she knows that she is healthy and pretty in heaven.

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