My Family

My Family
Ry-11 Caden -5 Bean-Belly

Monday, January 13, 2014

Sept- caden

School and Ball are in full swing. Life is back from vaca.  Caden llkes school a little, he wishes that he had two days of school and five days off.  He gets into trouble for playing tackle basketball, being aggressive, and acting like a Know -it- all.  He passed is progress report and is doing well accademically. His best friend is Adam, though Adam is a trouble maker. For awhile they were not permitted to play or sit by each other. 

making a circle map about school
 Caden plays pitching machine, he is the youngest at only 5  years old.  He should be 6.  He likes catcher, He calls it the back pitcher.  Which makes sense because the catcher acctually does throw the ball.

one handsome ball player

breathing treatments again

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