My Family

My Family
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Thursday, January 9, 2014

such a slacker

I didn't blog at all in the year 2013.  Its funny (sad) because I really wanted to keep up with it last year at this time.  I enjoy the books I create for the kids and they love to read them as well.  So today my goal is to back track the ENTIRE year.  We've had a great year and not a lot of lows.  We've had broken arm, great grades, new jobs,a baby coming, and a move. This has really been a blessed year. For this book I hope to back track many of the special events. My hope for 2014 is that I update every month or so.  I hate all day blog sessions, especially now that I am 9 months pregnant... what was I thinking? It'll be worth it at the end of the project. 

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