My Family

My Family
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Monday, January 13, 2014

May-This and That

 Caden had always wanted a mustache. He says he's been growing one his whole life. He wants to look like uncle Tom.  So one morning we had a few extra minutes and this is what he did. He made him wear it to school. He didn't mind until he actually got to school. Dad wasn't to pleased I allowed him to wear it. I wanted to prove a point.  He never did it again and washed it off at school.

Caden got mail. I think for Tyler and Chelsea.
 Rylan is playing another year with Jalyn.  This is their last year at pitching machine. Rylan likes it. Dad is the coach.  Rylan still likes to play second base.  She's pretty good. Not the best or the worst. 

first base

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