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My Family
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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Feb- Broken Arm

 So I get a call from Mikey saying that he thinks Caden broke his arm, that he heard a pop.  Caden and daddy were wrestling as they always do.  Dad flipped his foot as Caden tried to kick and Caden fell and broke it. They were at Momo and Papa's house.  We went to the urgent care and had exams which didn't show much. We were supposed to wait until we got a call from the doctor office to get results.  They never called me.  Meanwhile Caden's hand got darker and darker, I knew something was wrong. Mikey was at work. I call Mikey woody and we went to the emergency room after I picked up a disk with the x-ray images.  Mikey thought it was dislocated.  So Caden had more xrays and they found it was broken in the growth plate and dislocated, Mikey re- wrapped it, and we scheduled a surgery. Cammie came to sit with us. I called Mikey and they tracked him down, he drove strait home and brought Caden chicken.  I took caden a few times to see his classmates. His surgery was wan March 1, 2013 the last day he was four.  He missed Braxton's sleep over. Caden was so disappointed. I was proud because he never cried, until the doctor wouldn't take off the cast.  He also cried walking into surgery holding Mike Woody's hand. I will never forget how brave he was. He was in a lot of pain after. Mikey sat in the backseat with him on the way home. We sat him in the living room with all his things.( ipad, drinks, cheese puffs)

Daddy trying to make Caden feel better in the waiting room.

Caden was ok, the whole time until the doctor told him that the cast had to stay on.

He ended up having two pins placed in the growth plate, it was broke in three pieces and dislocated.
  The pins were outside his arm.
Caden was in so much pain.  He got the tiger from Tasha, a bear from Cammie, and a pony/balloon from school.  They waived his time off, so we didn't have to pay for school while he was out. ( around 6 weeks) Caden also missed school and baseball. Lots of people had to watch him. Me. Kimmie, Tasha and daddy.

Caden was a big boy at the hospital getting his ex ray.

Lori at small wonders sent Caden this. So perfect, along with so many prayers.

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