My Family

My Family
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Monday, January 13, 2014

Scooters! and some $$$ savings

I like to take the kids to the bank every three months or so. Well when I checked Cadens stash of money he had 109$ This is from birthdays, family, etc. When is wanted a schooter and asked to have one, I had no reason to say no.  We took his money and he bought his own scooter. We went to target and he still had over half his money to deposit. Plus it was in red and that is his favorite color! This was in June.

Rylan was a bit jealous, she like to spend her money. She started making and selling duct tape pens to family, waitresses, and friends.  She had been doing the business since May.  She kicked it into high gear. Mom, mostly Dad bought the supplies, and I even helped make some. She took orders and brought them with her to Lunch with dad to sell.  She raised about 100 dollars which is 50 pens at
(2$ each) I took her to three different stores with no luck. They were either too expensive, small or baby-ish) so Dad took Rylan that night.  They ended up finding one that would ft Rylan. She wanted a trick scooter. He put in some money. He likes to be that hard dad, but is really a softy.

 I'm so proud that my kids understand money. How to work for their money.  Caden doesn't quite get it but he will.  He does understand when things are a lot of money.

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