My Family

My Family
Ry-11 Caden -5 Bean-Belly

Monday, January 13, 2014

sept- fair



The fair was a stressfull time for me. Thank the Lord Grandpa Johnston helped us so much.  I was trying to save days for the baby.  Rylan placed last and third from last in her classes. She did go out to grandpas weekly, she sheared the goats at the fair on her own, bathed, and fed them.   Caden liked to be out at the fair.

Goats and Gold interview

Caden cheered is sister on.

pretty face

first place and her first belt buckle. Nana made the dress, grandpa groomed, mom taxied, tasha fed, daddy helped, caden caught them, we both got sponsors... Judy saved the tux from when I was your age.

Caden was proud of his sister, and a bit jealous

Rylan didn't set her goat up at this point. She wasn't to into the showing, more so the caring for the animals. She did enjoy 4h meeting and gettign together part.

After her show she had to compete for the champion with the senior class, she got second.  I was very pregnant.

caden loved playing with the goats.


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