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My Family
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Friday, January 10, 2014

march- broken bone continued and new glasses

This picture was in February, the first day he broke it.
Caden got really used  to the x-ray machine.

These are the pins that were in his arm. The doctor pulled them out with actual pliers. I think Caden was in shock at first, but creid for a few minutes the second time. Dad came to that appointment.
These are the pins after they were pulled.


Caden obviously couldn't play ball in this condition. He was upset.  He took almost 8 weeks off and returned to ball after he healed and had full rotation. Dr. Tivnon thought it would be good therapy for him, after he had full rotation.  Caden hated how the soft cast would unravel and get dirty so we covered with socks or ladies nylon knee socks, added variety. The cast was heavy.  I took him the the doctor almost every week and he made great progress. Meanwhile at home he played with his ipad, watched tv, got bored.  We did visit his class a couple times. But kids are so wild. 

We also discovered that Caden needed glasses.  We took for a routine check-up and Dr. Sykes referred him to a specialist, 6 months ago. Since we were off anyway we took him for a follow up and he has two different eyes, one near and one more severely far sighted.   So, that was the next thing we had to take care of.  Notice he is wearing red glasses. These are good for ball and Caden says they are super fast like lightening Mcqueen. When he go to wear them he was amazed and the ground and what he could see. I did eventually end up taking him to get another pair pf glasses as a back up. He class them his papa glasses.  He prefers his fast ones. These hide how think one lense is compared to the other.

At Lensecrafters

just too cute

being silly with his second pair

showing off chin dimples
 Caden's class made him a poster to cheer him up.

not real pleased.

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