My Family

My Family
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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Baby Bean- We love You! Hurry Home Sweet Boy

I found out in May that I was expecting. I ran to Cheree's and had her look at the test, and she confirmed what I thought.  Then I called Mikey and he was short of words. We kept it a secret for awhile. That night I was having dinner with Cristal and I did tell her.  But hey shes like my sister.  I went and  got a blood test and they called and confirmed.  I had a job interview from a promotion which I didn't get, but that was ok... We announced to Kimmie on her birthday dinner that we were expecting. We stole her thunder. I felt so energized the first 6 weeks. THEN morning sickness kicked in high gear. I had to quit working summer school. I was so ill, and it was hard to drive.  Wasn't safe for me to be out of town while I was so dizzy and nousious all the time. The bosses at migrant are amazing and totally understanding to my situation. I love working for them. 


I was happy all along to have this baby. Dad was happy too.  I think Caden was the  most happy to have you and be a big brother.  He wanted to talk to you, buy you things, and touch, kiss hug my belly. Rylan loves the baby too, but remembers how challenging they can be.   I started gaining weight right away.being my third kid I popped out quickly, by August most everybody could tell. I wanted to keep it to myself a little longer. the morning sickness got better with daily and nightly medication.  I am also much older and as I'm writing this I have gained 38 lbs. With Rylan I gained 20, Caden 30, and this time 40... could be more.  I have a feeling you will be worth it. 

I have felt better with this pregnancy than all the others.  I have got to see you many times via ultra sound. I had a dream about you that you had your sisters color hair, thin lips, and olive skin. We will see. 

Names, Oh the names. This baby may never have a name. We've been able to agree on a few. We are hoping to meet you then name you something thats perfect. Dad loves Wyatt. I like Easton, but we both agree on Blaine, Maxon, Corbin And Trace.  Maybe you call tell us what you want.

Little belly- june

july pooching out already!


It's a boy!

sept- Look at your face


I get to use the Parking for preggos!
Late November

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