My Family

My Family
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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Annual Trip to Pismo Dunes August

digging with rylan

walking to the water for family time

Dad and Mikey on his quad.

Rylans new quad. I traded Kimmie

Every year we take a trip with Mikey's Family to the dunes. Mikey's family has been going for many years.  I love the trip and dread it.  We spend so much money getting the trailer, bike, kids ready. Typically Mikey gets stuck trying to park on the beach and he patently asks for his dad to pull him out he yells and hits his truck until his dad pulls him out. It is so frustrating.  This year I missed the first couple days because I had college classes to take.  So sadly happily I missed the drama. I did miss the kids. I got to hang out with cheree a lot and be alone...that was nice.  It turns out that Mikey didn't get stuck. He credits it to his new dodge truck. 
We had a wedding to attend for Mason and Morgan. Yes They looked beautiful, but Caden was so handsome and carried those rings masterfully.  Mikey drove the kids home for the wedding then the following day we headed back to the beach to complete the vacation.  I really wanted to go to Avila Barn. We fed the animals, ate corn, Mikey got fudge.  At Avila Barn they have a huge trailer that is set not to move, and built around it are stray bails for people to sit on and eat their corn.  We did that. Caden slipped and fell, we laughed(as good parents would), he got up and says"that was my trick!"  Well he attempts the trick again, only this time he fell all the way down off the staggering bails of hay. He got a scratch on his head. Most of all his ego was bruised.  That "trick" didn't go as planned. It was on this trip that we also figured out Caden gets car sick. I put the barn in to google maps and it misled us to a winding road.  When we made the correct destination... Caden threw up!!! he was car sick!
We then headed back to the beach. Caden rode the ryno, Rylan rode her quad... even in the dunes.  We went to pismo to the Pier once.  As Mikey and I always do got into a huge fight...HUGE!!! We now call it THE ANNUAL FIGHT... which is why I dread the trip. I hate to fight especially in front of the in laws. Caden did not have any asthma this trip and did well. Mikey even walked to the water, he never has done that in the last 5 years Ive been going to the beach.  It was good for the kids, they got star fish, Mikey tripped Rylan into the water, Caden got to his chest with a small wave. 

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