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My Family
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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sea World 2011

We've been wanting to take the kids to Sea World even before Caden was born.  Rylan hated Disneyland. She hated the rides, heat, and is not a fan of characters(men dressed up as cartoons).  She has a point. Usually in the summer are funds are low due to the month that I do not get paid.  We make it a point to go to the beach because we make that 400$ trailer payment.  This year I worked hard to pay off bills and put money aside to go towards vacations.  We were able to go!!! The kids loved it. We splurged and ate lunch with Shamu. Rylan go to ask a dolphin trainer questions about how  to have her job. They kids got to feed the dolphin. Rylan asked her what she would need to have her job. The trainer said to be a strong swimmer, any degree, animal experience(like 4-h). She was excited. The kids also got to feed a seal, pet a starfish, feel an ice burg. It was an educational, fun, day. Caden got to play at sesame street and ride the spinning tea cup ride. He loved it! We are wanting to buy season passes. It was a great day.

The zoo was ok... not fun! Not boring! somewhere in between.  It was hot.  The kids liked the elephants and the monkeys were to cute. So we finally figured out that the best way to see the Zoo was to take the bus. We sat on the double decker bus and was able to see it all! we probably will not go back to the zoo anytime soon. Possibly the wild animal park....

We indulged the kids at the hotel and let them swim at night! I love that its the small things that get her excited. We small for an hour or less, but she was so excited. FYI we will never stay at that hotel again. Dirty rooms, and breakfast was a joke. sooo not worth it.

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